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15:30-17:00,Jan 16/18,2024 Pok Man Tam(Princeton)
Counting holes in the Fermi sea---topological aspects of metals 202401-Tan
15:30-17:00,Jan 09/11,2024 Zhehao Dai(Berkeley) Tensor Network Simulation of Dynamics and Finite-temperature Quantum System 202401-ZhehaoDai
15:30-17:00,Jan 02/04,2024 Haoyu Guo(Cornell) Large N theory of critical Fermi surface 202401-HaoyuGuo.pdf
14:30-16:00, Aug 24/25, 2023 Xie Chen (Caltech) Quantum circuit and the hierarchy of many-body entanglement   202308-ChenXie.pdf
16:00-18:00, June 26/28/30, 2023 Yi-Zhuang You(UCSD) Frontiers in Classical Shadow Tomography 202306-YizhuangYou.pdf
16:00-18:00, June 29& July 1, 2023 Biao Lian(Princeton University Topology and interaction in twisted bilayer graphene 202306-ZhenBi-BiaoLian.pdf
16:00-18:00, June 25& June 27,2023 Zhen Bi(PSU) Eccentricity in Quantum Phase Transitions through the Lens of 3+1d Gauge Theories
14:00-15:30, Feb 22,23,24,2023 Yiming Chen (Princeton University) Recent progress on the black hole information paradox 202302-Yiming Chen.pdf
10:30-12:00, Feb 22,23,24,2023 Huajia Wang (KITS) Modular Hamiltonian in QFT and AdS/CFT 202302-Huajia Wang.pdf

3:00-4:30, Dec 24,25,26, 2019

Yingfei Gu (Harvard)

Aspects of the Complex SYK Model

201912-Yingfei Gu.pdf

2:30-4:00, July 1,2,3, 2019

Yingfei Gu (Harvard)

OTOCs in SYK-Like Models

201907-Yingfei Gu.pdf

2:30-3:30, 4:00-5:00 June 12, 2019

Xiao-Liang Qi (Stanford)

Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model And Holographyic Duality

201906-Xiao-Liang Qi.pdf

2:00-3:30, June 4,5,6, 2019

Yi-Zhuang You (UCSD)

Machine Learning Holography

201906-Yi-Zhuang You.pdf

3:00-4:30, Aug 13,14,16, 2018

Norman Yao (UC, Berkeley)

Many-body Localization and Floquet Phases of Matter

201808 Norman Yao.pdf

3:00-4:30, July 17,18,19, 2018

Yi-Zhuang You(UCSD)

Symmetry Protected Topological Phases and Phase Transitions

Yi-Zhuang You.pdf

3:00-4:30, June 13,14,15, 2018

Zhenbin Yang (Princeton University)

Few Lessons taught by Two Dimensional Near Anti-de Sitter Space

Zhenbin Yang.pdf

3:00-4:00, July 19,20,2017

Ying Ran(Boston College)

Anyon Condensation and Symmetry-enforced SPT Phases

Ying Ran.jpg

3:00-4:30 June19,20,22,23,2017

Chong Wang (Harvard)

A Web of (2+1)d Dualities in Condensed Matter Physics

Chong Wang.pdf

3:00-4:30, June 12,13,15,16,2017

Richard Davison (Harvard)

Sachdev-Ye-KitaevModels, Quantum Chaos and Thermal Transport in Holography

Richard Davison.pdf

10:30-12:00, June 12,13,15,16,2017

Wenbo Fu (Harvard)

Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models and Their Generalizations

Wenbo Fu.pdf

3:00-4:30, June 7,9,2017

Chao-Ming Jian (UCSB)

Generalized Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorems

Chao-Ming Jian.pdf

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