Cold Atom Physics
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Research Topics:

Our research focuses on macroscopic quantum phenomena in ultracold atomic and molecular gases, in particular, the new quantum phases and effects due to strong interactions between atoms and molecules. Our most recent works mainly focus on following topics:

1. Quantum Gases in Synthetic Gauge Field: spin-orbit coupling, quantum Hall effects, vortices and other topological excitations.

2. Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases: ferromagnetism, polaron physics, new types of collision resonances, few body problems at resonances.

3. Degenerate Polar Molecular Gases: few-body and many-body problems of dipolar gases

4. Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices

5. Multi-component and Boson-Fermion Mixture

6. Low-Dimensional Quantum Gases

Current Members:

Chen-Ning Yang

Hui Zhai