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Li You(Visiting Professor, 2005-2008 )

Jian Wu(Associate Member and Member, 1999-2007, currently faculty in department of Physics, Tsinghua )

Rong Lv(Associate Member, 2001-2007, currently faculty in department of Physics, Tsinghua)

Mei Zhang(Associate Member, 2004-2007, currently faculty in department of Physics, Beijing Normal University)

Mu-Zhen Liao(Vice Director, 1997-2006 , retired )

Donghai Lee(Visiting Professor, 2001-2006)

Terence Hwa(Visiting Professor, 2002-2005)

Yu-Liang Liu(Member, 1999-2005, currently faculty in department of Physics, Renmin University)

Tao Li(Associate Member, 2001-2005, currently faculty in department of Physics, Renmin University)

Guang-Ming Zhang( Member, 1997-2003, currently faculty in department of Physics, Tsinghua)

Tongyun Yin(2003-2009, currently in Mclean Collection, Chicago)

Fei Ye(Associate Member,2005-2009, currently faculty in South University of Science and Technology of China )

Hongbo Yu(Associate Member, 2006-2010,currently faculty in department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua)

Zhaobing Su(Adjunct Professor,2001-2010)

Tao Xiang(Visiting Professor, 2007-2010)

Fei Liu(Associate Member,2005-2010, currently faculty in Beihang University)

Liping Wang(Associate Member,2006-2011,currently faculty in Institute of Information Engineering, CAS)

Xiaoming Sun(Associate Member,2005-2011,currently faculty in Institute of computing technology, CAS)

Xiaoling Cui(Associate Member,2010-2013,currently faculty in Institute of physics, CAS )

Liang Kong(Associate Member,2009-2015, currently in University of New Hampshire)

Zheng-Xin Liu(Associate Member,2012-2015, currently faculty in Renmin University of China)

Wei Chen(Associate Member,2014-2015, currently faculty in Nanjing University)

Yang Qi(Associate Member,2010-2016)

Zhenhua Yu(Associate Member,2012-2016, currently faculty in Sun Yat-sen University)

Chushun Tian(Member, 2011-2016, currently faculty in Institute of theoretical physics, CAS)

Lih-King Lim(Associate Member, 2015-2017, currently faculty in Zhejiang University)

Nianle Wu(Vice Director, 2006-2018 , retired )

Jingguo Bi(Associate Member, 2015-2018, currently senior engineer in China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation)

Dandan Xu(Associate Member, 2018-2019, currently faculty in department of Astronomy, Tsinghua University)

Manuel Valiente(Associate Member, 2018-2022)

Xiaoyang Dong(Associate Member,2020-2024)