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Wenjie Ye (2015-2021, currently in SenseTime)

Like Ma (2015-2021, currently in WeRide)

Xue Zhang (2016-2021)

Shixin Zhang (2016-2021, currently in Tencent Technology)

Yadong Wu (2016-2021, currently in Fudan University)

Xin Chen (2016-2021, currently in Max Planck Institute)

Shuai Chen (2016-2021, currently in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Zuzhang Lin (2016-2021, currently in The University of Hong Kong)

Xun Cai (2015-2021, currently in Institute of Physics, CAS)

Bohai Li (2014-2020, currently in Kavli Institute for Theoretical Sciences, UCAS)

Rongyang Sun (2015-2020, currently in Kavli Institute for Theoretical Sciences, UCAS)

Jianhao Zhang (2015-2020, currently in The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Yanting Cheng (2015-2020, currently in Kinki University)

Xiaoyu Liu (2014-2020, currently in University of Toronto)

Bin Dai (2013-2020, currently in currently in Beijing Samsung Telecom R&D Center)

Chunhuan Zhao (2013-2020, currently in Beijing Huawei Digital Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Lingyue Qin (2017-2019, currently in IASTU)

Pengfei Zhang (2015-2019, currently in Caltech)

Ning Sun (2015-2019)

Shaokai Jian (2014-2019, currently in the University of Maryland)

Ce Wang (2014-2019, currently in IASTU)

Ren Bi (2014-2019, currently in Hangzhou Xuejun High school)

Shangqiang Ning (2014-2019, currently in the University of Hong Kong)

Chong Wang (2014-2019, currently in Carnegie Mellon Univ)

Dan Li (2014-2019, currently in The Open University of China)

Chao Feng (2013-2019, currently in Ministry of Science and Technology of China)

Yilong Liu (2012-2019, currently in Momenta)

Liyi Zhao(2012-2019, currently in United Imaging)

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