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Welcome to IAS-TH, hope that the following information will be helpful for you!

1.Transportation from Beijing Airport to IAS-TH/Chern-Simons Hall:

You can get a taxi right outside the arrival terminals. It is about 30 Km from the airport to IAS-TH/Chern-Simons Hall. The fare is about 15USD. You may show the following tag and the map to the taxi driver:

a.Tag to IAS-TH

b.Tag to Chern-Simons Hall


2. Entrance Card and Office Key

A magnetic card for entering the building and a key to the office are issued to every visitor. Please make sure to return them to IAS-TH office at the end of your visit.

3.Internet connection:

a.In offices reserved for visitors, direct network access has been setup for wire connection. You simply plug in and it should work. Should you encounter difficulity, please ask Liang Wang 王亮 in IAS-TH office (95159) for help.

b.Wireless network access is also available in IAS-TH building. To access the network, follow steps below:

Go to “control panel” (控制版面);

Select “network connection”(网络连接);

Select “wireless network connection” (无线网络连接);

Select “check wireless network” (查看无线网络);

Double click “CastuOnAir” for connection. When you see “已连接”, the connection is completed.

4. Phones:

There is a fixed-line telephone in every office room.

a.For calling within Tsinghua campus, simply dial the 5-digits University extension number, like 89972 and the like.

b.For off-campus calling, dial “0” for outside line and then the phone number.

c.Long-distance call is unavailable.

5. Printing,Photocopying and FAX

a.There is a quality printer in Room 300. Please ask Liang Wang 王亮(95159) to set up the connection for you, should you need to use it.

b.A photocopier and a FAX machine are available for use in IAS-TH office (Room 220)on second floor.

6. Shopping center nearby

*Wal-Mart:A48 Zhichun Lu, Haidian District(海淀区知春路A28号)

*Carrefour:A56 Zhongguancun South Road, Haidian District, Beijing (北京市海淀区中关村南路A56号)

*Lotus:1/F DongSheng Builiding, NO.8 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian district, Beijing(北京海淀区中关村东路8号东升大厦1楼)

7. Restaurants nearby

a.Restaurants on Campus

There are several restaurants and canteens on campus. Jia-Suo Restauarant 甲所餐厅 and Xi-Chun-Yuan Restaurant 熙春园餐厅are a few minutes’ walk from the IAS-TH building.

b.Restaurants off Campus

There are a good number of restaurants right outside Tsinghua’s East Gate and South Gate, offering a variety of crusines:

*Quanjude 全聚德:Beijing Roasted Duck Restaurant, 1/F,S&T Building, Tsinghua S&T Park, NO.1 Zhongguancun East Road 中关村东路1号 (清华科技园科技大厦A座1楼). Specialty: Peking Duck. Tel: 8215-0018; 8215-1015.

*Zuei-Ai Restaurant 醉爱时尚餐厅:NO.8 Zhongguancun East Road 中关村东路8号. Specialty: Hangzhou and Cantonese crusines. Tel: 8252-7567; 8252-7568.

*Yan-Ming-Yuan Resaurant 宴铭园 :NO.1 Zhongguancun East Road 中关村东路1号. Specialty: Jiangsu and Cantonese crusines. Tel: 6270-8988; 6279-3488.

*Gan-Guo-Ju Restaurant 干锅居 :NO.1 Zhongguancun East Road 中关村东路1号威新国际大厦2楼. Specialty: Guizhou crusine. Tel: 5872-2008.

Further away from Tsinghua campus are the following notable restaurants along the 4th North Ring Road:

*Qiao-Jiang-Nan Restaurant 俏江南 :Tower A, Rong Ke IT Center, NO.2 Kexueyuan South Road 海淀区科学院南路2号融科资讯中心A座北侧. Specialty: Sichuan crusine. Tel: 8286-1698; 8286-1699.

*Su-Zhe-Hui 苏浙汇 :1-2/F, Tower C, Rong Ke IT Center, NO.2 Kexueyuan South Road 科学院南路2号融科资讯中心C座北楼1-2层. Specialty: Jiangsu and Zhejiang crusines. Tel: 8286-2800.

*Xin-Kai-Yuan Restaurant 杭州新开元大酒店 :No. 67, 4th North Ring Road West 北四环西路67号(海淀桥西北侧). Specialty: Hangzhou crusine. Tel: 8288-6001; 8288-6002.

*There is aStarbuck’s Coffeelocated outside Tsinghua’s East Gate.

8. Sightseeing Information

9. Weather

10. Local Accommodation

a.Chern-Simons Hall

Located inside the campus

Tel: +8610 62787818

b.Hotel nearby

*Wenjin Hotel 文津国际酒店

Located outside of south gate of Tsinghua University

Tel:+8610 62525566

*UnisCenter 紫光国际交流中心

Located outside of east gate of Tsinghua University

Tel: +8610 62791888

As always, If you have any problem, please