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Chen Ning Yang

Honorary Director and Professor

Important Events in the Life of Chen Ning Yang

Education background

BSc Southwest Associated University, China 1942

MPhil Tsing Hua Univerity, China 1944

PhD University of Chicago, USA 1948


1948-1949 Instructor University of Chicago

1949-1966 Member and Professor Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, USA

1966-1999 Albert Einstein Professor of Physics State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

1966-1999 Director Institute of Theoretical Physics, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

1986-now Distinguished Prof-At-Large The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

1993-1998 Director Institute of Mathematical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

1998-now Professor Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Elementary Particle Physics

Statistical Mechanics

Condensed Matter Physics

Honors And Awards

1957 Nobel Prize

1980 Rumford Prize

1986 U.S. National Medal of Science

1993 Benjamin Franklin Medal

1994 Bower Award

1996 N. Bogoliubov Prize

1999 Lars Onsager Prize

2001 King Faisal International Prize

Member, National Academy of Science, USA

Foreigh Member, Royal Society (London)

Foreigh Member, Russian Academy of Sciences

Member, Pontifical Academy

Foreigh Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Member, Academia Sinica

Academic Achievement

Scientific and Related Works of Chen Ning Yang

Papers:About 300 in Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, etc.

Books:Selected Papers 1945-1980 With Commentary(Freeman, 1983)



Research:1.Field Theory. Most important paper being the one with R.L.Mills, Phys. Rev.96, 191(1954),

(establishing Yang-Mills theory)

2.High Energy Phenomenology. Most important paper being the one with T.D. Lee, Phys. 104, 254(1956),

(proposing nonconservation of parity in week interactions)

3.Statistical Mechanics. Most important paper being Phys. Rev. Letters 19, 1312(1967),

(giving Yang-Baxter equation)

4.Condensed Matter Theory. Most important paper being Rev. Mod. Physics 34, 694(1962),

(on concept of ODLRO)

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