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Date: June 19- June 23, 2023

Venue: Conference Hall 104, Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University

Monday, June 19

10:30-12:00    Wei Song (宋伟), Tsinghua University

The TsT/TT bar correspondence

14:00-15:00   Jinzhao Wang(王今朝), Stanford University

What exactly does Bekenstein bound?

Tuesday, June 20

10:30-11:30    Raghu Mahajan, Stanford University

Normalization of ZZ instanton amplitudes in minimal string theory

14:00-15:00    Ying Zhao (赵颖), KITP

Operator growth and black hole formation

Wednesday, June 21


Thursday, June 22

10:30-11:30    Cesar Agon, Instituto Balseiro, Bariloche  

Quantum field theory from entanglement

14:00-15:00    Jieqiang Wu (吴洁强), ITP, CAS

A diffeomorphism invariant observable in classical pure AdS3 gravity: twist along a geodesic

15:30-16:30    Kfir Shmuel Dolev, Stanford University

Non-local computation, holography, and the computational power of field theories

Friday, June 23

11:00-12:00  Hongbao Zhang(张宏宝), Beijing Normal University

SL(2,C)×U(1) algebra and celestial primary conformal wave functions

14:00-15:00    Cynthia Yan(闫馨蕊), Stanford University

More on Torus Wormholes in 3d Gravity

15:30-16:30    Bin Chen (陈斌), Peking University


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