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The Institute for Advanced Study at Tsinghua University (IASTU) invites applications for postdoctoral positions in Dr. Bartlomiej Czech’s research group. The goal of the group is to understand the relation between gravitational physics and quantum information theory, drawing primarily on techniques from the AdS/CFT correspondence.

IASTU is an elite research institute at China's number one university, dedicated to theoretical studies of fundamental science. Members of the Institute conduct world class research in the AdS/CFT correspondence, condensed matter theory, cold atom physics, astrophysics and other disciplines. Dr. Czech’s group also collaborates closely with other groups in Beijing that have overlapping interests, including the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University Physics Department, Peking University, and The Chinese Academy of Sciences—all within easy walking or biking distance from IASTU.

Applications will be considered for regular postdoctoral fellowships and for C.N. Yang Junior Fellow positions. Regular postdoctoral fellows are appointed for two-year terms with a possible extension of one more year while C.N. Yang Junior Fellows are appointed for three-year terms. C.N. Yang Fellowships are reserved for candidates of exceptional ability and independence; the number of concurrent C.N. Yang fellowships is strictly limited to three and usually one is chosen each academic year.

During 2020/2021, the yearly stipend for regular postdoctoral fellows at IASTU will be no less than RMB 170,000 while the yearly stipend for C.N. Yang Junior Fellows will be no less than RMB 230,000. These amounts may be supplemented from other sources, at a level commensurate with the candidates' qualifications and experience. Overall, the packages are generous and internationally competitive. Both types of appointments include ample funding for academic travel. Tsinghua University will provide each fellow (regular and C.N. Yang Junior Fellow) a rent-subsidized on-campus apartment.

A candidate must have a Ph.D. prior to the start of the positions. Interested candidates should submit an electronic application here at Complete applications will include a cover letter (optional), a CV with a publication list, a research statement and three letters of reference. Applications submitted by December 15 will receive full consideration.

To learn more about IASTU, please visit Serious applicants who want to know more about work and life in this one of the world’s most vibrant cities can contact Dr. Bartlomiej Czech

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